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GMAC announces online GMAT with puzzling revelation

“What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here?!”

– Slim Pickens

GMAC announced today that registration is open for The Online GMAT Exam which is set to launch April 20th. Here are the most important things you need to know:

  • Anybody can register for the exam, although it is intended primarily for candidates with upcoming 2020 admissions deadlines
  • The Online GMAT will only cost $200 compared to $250 for the test-center based exam
  • The format, scoring, and timing will be identical to the regular GMAT except there will be no essay and the section order is fixed as Quant —> Verbal —> Integrated Reasoning
  • You will be able to take it on a laptop or desktop. Both MACs and PCs acceptable
  • There are strict rules and requirements for preparing your at-home testing workspace. The most baffling of these is that you cannot use your own scratch paper during The Online GMAT. Instead, you will be given access to an online whiteboard in which you can take notes and draw diagrams. I assume this means using only your mouse as all writing objects are also banned

I didn’t expect this post to be commentary when I started writing it, but, as someone who is looked upon as an expert on these things, I can confidently say UM WHAAAAAATTT?? Reading that last part makes me wonder if the people writing the rules for The Online GMAT have ever actually seen The GMAT! I cannot imagine how anybody could get through the Quant section without the ability to write(not type!) freely. Without more clarification, I honestly would not register for The Online GMAT right now. Either wait for GMAC to update this announcement or wait-and-see what the first crop of test-takers report back on their experience. Glad I also teach the GRE!

Stay tuned folks…

Source: MBA.com

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