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GMAT Quant Q of the Day #6

Date: 11.25.2022

Source: Official GMAT™ Practice Tests

Music: The Ventures – Walk, Don’t Run

GMAT Quant Q of the Day #5

Date: 11.24.2022

Source: Official GMAT™ Practice Tests

Music: Lindsey Buckingham – Never Going Back Again(guitar track)

GMAT Quant Q of the Day #4

Date: 11.23.2022

Source: Official GMAT™ Practice Tests

Music: Michael Nyman – Fish Beach

GMAT Quant Q of the Day #3

Date: 11.22.2022

Source: Official GMAT™ Practice Tests

Music: Larnell Lewis – The City Lights

GMAT Quant Q of the Day #2

Date: 11.21.2022

Source: Official GMAT™ Practice Tests

Music: Vince Guaraldi Trio – Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Updates to the Online GMAT exam

10.6.2021 – The GMAT announced some changes to its online exam. Starting October 20, 2021 the following changes will take effect:

Pricing: The price of the Online GMAT will now be location-specific, matching the pricing policy for the in-person exam. As far as I can tell, the online GMAT will cost $275 in the United States and $250 in most other countries

Exam Attempts: Test-takers will no longer be limited to two attempts at the Online GMAT. The overall GMAT attempt limits remain the same –  5 in a rolling 12-month period and 8 in a lifetime – but test-takers can now choose online or in-person for each sitting

Score Reporting: Test-takers will now be allowed to send up to 5 free score reports within 48 hours of taking the Online GMAT


Absolute Value on the GMAT

You don’t have to love absolute value problems, but there is no reason to fear them either. They are the dirty pigeons of the GMAT. Here’s all you need to know to keep them from pooping on your head. 



Learn to love ratios

Ratios are about as high yield as they come on the GMAT & GRE.  Not just because they show up frequently but because of how interconnected they are to other concepts.  Know ratios and you’ll know percents.  Know percents and you’ll know fractions.  Boom! 50% of your quant section is covered.  So, like that weird loner kid your mom forced you to be friends with, learn to love them!  

Rate & Work Problems – Everything you need to know

Rate & work questions can be hard. They’re also predictable –  and anything you can prepare for you can’t complain about. Here’s a video series covering everything you need to know about translating, simplifying, and setting up rate problems on the GMAT and GRE. 

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