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GMAT + GRE Tutoring

Unlimited means whatever is needed to get you where you need to be.  Generally, this means weekly 2-hour sessions to go over any homework from that week.  If we're unable to get through everything in that session then we can meet up later that week, either online or in-person, to finish what's left. As your test date approaches, we can throw in some extra sessions or marathon reviews as needed.  Point is, how long and often we meet is always tied to your progress not an arbitrary number of hours.
Unlimited is also reflective of my teaching style: I'm laid back. I like to talk things out and give students space to struggle through the more difficult concepts.  It's much easier to do this when I know we are not always up against the clock.
For students looking for more targeted test prep I offer the per-session options listed here.

For both tests, a typical study plan for someone starting from scratch is 8 – 10 weeks.  However, I like to caution students against measuring their progress in terms of weeks spent studying.  There is no magic formula for the time investment one needs to get a certain score.  What constitutes “enough” varies from person to person.  Therefore, we can always extend, condense, or adjust the schedule as needed.

I reserve two days a week for students living in Chicago who prefer to meet in-person.  I can meet anywhere from The Loop to the North Suburbs and anyplace in-between.

For the most part, I got nothing against the large test prep companies.  I've worked for many of them, both as an instructor and a content developer, and wouldn't be the teacher I am today if it weren't for some of the people I met along the way.

What doesn't vary, are the obscene hourly rates these places charge.  Don't take my word for it though.  Below are the private GMAT tutoring rates for a 2-hour session at five of the largest test prep companies as listed on their own websites.  And these are the discount packages!

  • Kaplan - $334/2-hr session
  • Princeton Review - $334/2-hr session
  • Veritas Prep - $530/2-hr session
  • Manhattan Prep - $450/2-hr session
  • Powerscore - $300/2-hr session

These rates are necessary so these companies cam support their bloated marketing budgets and other overhead.  In other words, half your money is going towards stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with quality teaching.  By hiring me you can be assured that 100% of your money is going to nothing but the highest quality personalized instruction possible.

I strongly encourage students to approach their studies as if they are only going to take their test once.  Assuming otherwise encourages the sort of bad study habits which tend to result in a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Nonetheless, I am happy to work out a study plan in case a retake is necessary.  Depending on the situation, this may include one or two comprehensive review sessions.

Even though it’s the best deal around, I understand that tutoring is a significant investment of both time and money for many people.  Therefore, I make every effort to ensure you are fully onboard prior to submitting any payment.  In general, full refunds will not be granted after this point.  Partial refunds may be granted on a case-by-case basis in certain VERY extenuating circumstances such as a sudden job loss or an unexpected move to another city.   Refunds will not be granted for the following reasons and they should be taken into account prior to signing up:  
  • Simply not getting the score you were hoping for
  • Requiring less tutoring than initially expected
  • Deciding you no longer have the time commitment to study. “Things got busy at work” is the most common reason this happens. In this case, I am happy to meet less frequently for longer sessions.
  • Deciding you no longer are applying to graduate school
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